Aerospace components

In the previous years, we have manufactured aerospace components mostly in aluminium, kovar and inwar. With approximately 97-98% of the material removal, this highly precise components are difficult to hold for machining. PCB mounting tray, cover boxes that are used in payload have been manufactured from our end.

Power Press Dies

Captive Toolings and Cutters

A captive tool for face grooving slot wih 10.5mm depth and 2 mm thickness for our lock handle products is manufactured on VMC and used in turning. This tool have decreased our bottleneck and increase the productivity and confidence towards our march for high quality products.

We have developed premium Quality of rubber moulds for our customers for aviation, defense, medical and industrial sectors. Silicone moulding is our speciality and we are also venturing for the development of LSR moulds. Few examples of the molds are shown here. 

Forging Dies

We are manufacturing forging dies for our hardware products.