Our Team

Hemang Doshi

Impatient Engineer. Learning from the legacy and implementing new technologies, Hemang is quick to execute new technologies in the company. He did his master’s in production engineering from RWTH, Aachen University considered as one of the best in Germany. His passion lies in production management and new product development. Adding the designing approach for the process and product development, setting up number of machines, new coating setups, standardisation of the processes; he has fast-forwarded the track of the growth trajectory.

Kavin Doshi

Calm Interior Designer. An important quality that reflects in every design is tranquillity for the viewer of an art, which cannot be produced without a peaceful mind. No one understands better than an interior designer the requirement of a beautiful hardware in the house. Kavin knows the nerves of the home design. Very well aware of the Vaastu and knowing the importance of directions for various elements of the building gives him an edge for better selection of hardware for customers. He has some of the noteworthy projects in his feather.

Chiren Doshi

Acute Quality Implementer & a Visionary. We are very fortunate to have him as a role model and an experienced player in our company's growth journey. His vision and direction has led the team to evolve productively and generate positive results.  He has inculcated the habit of ensuring minutest details in designing, production processes and final product to achieve the larger goal of premium quality resulting in superior customer experience.

Kamlesh Doshi

Relationship Keeper. No one can dare to forget the hospitality he has provided for a very long time. He has relentlessly worked for keeping alive the very essence of customer relationship. His efforts have paid a way to maintain a strong cleintiele base. We are glad to have build such a level of trust that many customers vouch for our products by our name.